Mike Krukow thinks Pablo Sandoval has an eating disorder


Pablo Sandoval has endured two days of armchair trainers in the media, so why not an armchair psychiatrist?

That psychiatrist would be Mike Krukow, broadcaster for the San Francisco Giants, who appeared on San Francisco’s KNBR 680 yesterday when the topic of former Giant Pablo Sandoval came up. Krukow was clinically specific in his diagnosis of the Red Sox third baseman:

“He’s just one of those people that you want to be around. And it’s unfortunate. I mean, he has an eating disorder. It’s plain and simple. He can’t control himself.”

Krukow went on to give a lot of legitimate observations about the kind of guy Sandoval is — people like him and like to be around him — and, I think, correctly handicapped how the environment in Boston will be negative for Sandoval. He likewise noted that, whatever the public statements were from the Giants brass about Sandoval, they were always on him in private about his conditioning. It was useful insight.

But I would like to see fewer members of the media giving a casual diagnosis of someone as having a serious disorder. Because (a) none of them know Sandoval well enough to do that; (b) by blithely tossing around terms like “eating disorder” with respect to a big person, one tacitly stigmatizes every big person as having an eating disorder; and (c) one simultaneously diminishes the gravity and seriousness of people who do, in fact, have them.

I’d prefer it if psychiatrists not talk about ideal lineup construction or try to explain how to properly set up a hitter for a changeup by first establishing a fastball. I’d also prefer ex-player/broadcasters to not get in the business of psychological diagnosis.

(Via CSN Bay Area)