Nick Punto retires

Getty Images

Nick Punto sat out the 2015 season but did not actually retire. Now he has actually retired according to Ken Rosenthal.

Punto last played for the A’s in 2014 and hit a mere .207 with two homers and a .589 OPS in 73 games. He was released after the season and was paid the remaining $2.75 million on his contract. While the Arizona Diamondbacks signed him to a minor league deal, he decided he’d rather not play and that he’d perhaps try his luck in 2016. The year off was enough to convince the 38-year-old that he had reached the end of the line.

Punto was fast and flashed some decent leather which was enough to allow him to play 14 seasons in the bigs despite not hitting all that much. He finishes with a line of .245/.323/.323, 19 homers and 263 RBI in 3,734 plate appearances for the Phillies, Twins, Cardinals, Red Sox, Dodgers and Athletics.

He is, without question, a first ballot Hall of Scrappy Utility Guy Types Who Play Way Longer Than You Ever Thought They Would’ve-Er.