Colby Rasmus is ready to eat some gummy bears. Really, that’s what he said.


Colby Rasmus is sort of turning into Hunter Pence south. Maybe there’s something in the Houston water? I dunno, either way he’s kind of morphing into that weird off-the-wall ballplayer, the likes of which every team should have. But maybe only one.

He showed up for camp yesterday. As Evan Drellich’s story at the Chronicle notes, Rasmus is an intense dude who has gotten something of a cult following among Astros fans. Mostly from good play, but from this sort of thing too, I imagine:

“My eyes, what I’m seeing right now is, I’m seeing red,” he said. “I’m ready to go out there and beat some folks, win some ballgames, chest-bump with these guys, and eat some gummy bears. You know what I’m saying?”

No, Colby, we really don’t. But enjoy those gummy bears. As many Hairbos as $15.8 million will buy.