The Braves will hold a private workout for “Lazarito”


I’m linking this less for the baseball implications of it all — a 16-year-old prospect is still a long ways away from any of us caring too terribly much about him — than I am for the nomenclature implications.

First, the basics: Jesse Sanchez of reports that Cuban prospect Lazaro Robersy Armenteros Arango is expected to sign with a Major League team next week and the Atlanta Braves — who have a LOT of money in their international bonus pool —  are going to hold a private workout for him, suggesting that they are serious bidders. Whoever wins the bidding, it will be for serious money, as Arango is supposed to command upwards of $15 million or more.

While previous workouts have been somewhat underwhelming for the kid, he is considered a five-tool type with lots of potential. He probably has a future as a corner outfielder. Sanchez previously reported MLB insiders referring to him as a “front-line guy,” which is saying something given how early he is in his development.

But the key part of this to me is that Arango has come to be known as “Lazarito” in baseball circles, and I really and truly hope that sticks. Baseball needs more soccer-style single-named players. We’ve got “Ichiro.” A lot of lame contractions like A-Rod and I-Rod existed in the 90s and 2000s. Fans, these days, have taken to referring to some players by one name only if the name is unique enough like “Giancarlo” or whatever. But we really need dudes who just go by one name all the time. That would be boss.