The Binghamton Mets invite you to Netflix and Chill


There was a time when a sports team’s social media people or promotions department would say or do something silly or embarrassing and we’d all laugh at their cluelessness. In an age when any sort of heat is good heat, however, it’s fairly even odds that when something putatively accidental happens it’s not really an accident.

Which is to say that while it’s possible that this promotion from the Binghamton Mets is the result of someone not really knowing what “Netflix and Chill” refers to, I think it’s more probable they know exactly what they’re doing and are just looking to get that extra social media bounce:

Extra social media bounce like I’m giving them here, of course, but it’s not like I’m judging them for it. I’m just pointing it out. We all gotta eat, man. More power to the folks at the Binghamton Mets for havin’ it both ways.