Scott Van Slyke denies role in rumor that Clayton Kershaw wanted Yasiel Puig traded

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You might recall that former major leaguer Andy Van Slyke went on a bizarre rant during an appearance on a St. Louis radio station in November, during which he spread some gossip that the highest-paid player on the Dodgers told the team to get rid out of polarizing outfielder Yasiel Puig. It was strongly implied that the player in question was ace left-hander Clayton Kershaw.

Many naturally speculated that the source of the information was Van Slyke’s son, Scott Van Slyke, which is pretty darn awkward since he’s still on the Dodgers. The issue was raised during the team’s FanFest event today and Van Slyke denied that he ever told his dad what was said on the radio.

According to new Los Angeles Times beat writer Andy McCullough, Van Slyke said he also apologized to Kershaw for the controversy. Meanwhile, Kershaw told Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register that he addressed the matter with Puig during MLB’s goodwill trip to Cuba. Puig also told McCullough he expects to meet with Kershaw again this spring to make sure they are “on the same page.” We may never know the whole story here, but it’s ultimately not surprising that everybody involved is saying the right things about trying to move forward.