Los Angeles is probably going to name a street after Vin Scully


Glass half-empty people might say that, when they start giving you lifetime achievement awards and naming things after you, well, maybe your best years are behind you. Glass half-full people will say that an honor is an honor and it’s not worth thinking about such things.

Then there are cup-runneth-over people, like I imagine Vin Scully to be. Dude won the broadcasting version of the lifetime achievement award, the Frick Award, some 34 years ago and kept on trucking, so I imagine that, apart from concerns related to personal humility, being honored is not something which makes him wistful or overly-nostalgic.

Good thing too, because the road right outside his office is on the verge of being changed in his honor. The Dodgers just announced that a Los Angeles city councilman just offered a motion to rename Elysian Park Avenue outside of Dodger Stadium to “Vin Scully Avenue.”

Obviously there is more to do to change the name of a street than raise a motion. But I’d love to see the politician with guts enough to object.