Why do people make up fake trade rumors anyway?


One of the weirder parts of the offseason are the fake news reports and rumors. I don’t mean when a journalist saying something that doesn’t come to pass or seems far-fetched. I mean completely phony reports made up from whole cloth. They’re especially weird when they come from someone who has created a fake Twitter account designed to look like an actual reporter’s.

Why would anyone do that? What do they possibly hope to gain? And how do the real reporters feel about that?

Over at The Hardball Times today, Kyla Wall-Polin attempts to answer that question. She tracked down a couple of fakers and a reporter who has been impersonated and asked what the heck gives. I highly recommend reading the whole thing to get the odd flavor of this little corner of baseball media and fandom, but I’ll say that this sort of stuck out to me:

Greg didn’t strike me as a particularly bad person, just a bored dude trying to amuse himself on the Internet.

I think that explains most of the weird and/or bad stuff on the Internet, actually. It certainly applies here.