Mike Trout called in to the Weather Channel to give update on winter storm

AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo

In addition to being the best player in the game today, Angels outfielder Mike Trout is really into the weather. Actually, that might be an understatement. You probably know this already if you follow his Twitter account. Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan did a great piece on his fascination with meteorology last year, during which Trout floated the possibility of joining the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore if there was a big snowstorm in his hometown of Millville, New Jersey this winter. Well, he finally got his chance this morning with Winter Storm Jonas wreaking havoc on the East Coast.

You can watch the video over at Deadspin, but here’s part of Trout’s on-scene report:

“Yeah, it’s been crazy, for sure. Obviously up all night, up every hour, checking the measurements. We probably got about a foot and it’s coming down steady right now. The wind was the worst part about it. It’s blowing hard. There’s probably, by my parents’ house, four to five, six-foot drifts. The roads are terrible. It’s just awesome. I love it.”

Trout also tweeted a video to Cantore last night as he was driving through the snow.

Not bad for a first report from the “Millville Meteorologist.” Trout is still just 24 years old and doing quite well for himself on the baseball side of things, but a future career awaits.