The Orioles press conference to announce the Chris Davis signing was . . . weird


Chris Davis reached an agreement with the Orioles on a new deal several days ago and, yesterday, formally signed the seven-year, $161 million pact. Given that this was, by far, the biggest move of the Orioles’ offseason, there was a press conference about it. Which, hey, why not? Other than hunker down for a blizzard the Orioles probably didn’t have anything else to do yesterday.

Still, it was kind of odd to see this at the press conference:


Normally you only see the “put-on-the-jersey” part of a press conference when it’s a player signing with a new team. Davis, of course, has played for the Orioles since being traded to them by the Rangers in the middle of the 2011 season. We know what he looks like in these duds. He’s not changing his number or anything. It was just . . . odd. Davis probably felt that way too. After this photo was taken he said “feels familiar.”

What’s next? A jersey ceremony for an early contract extension? For a one-year deal avoiding arbitration? The possibilities are as many as there are types of transactions, I suppose.

Oh well, they can do what they want. No matter how they introduce Davis, they will pay him salaries of $23 million annually with $6 million of it each year deferred without interest. When the deal is done he’ll get 10 payments of $3.5 million each between 2023-32 and five payments of $1.4 million each year between 2033-37, when Davis is 51. I’ll be 64-years-old then. God, time flies. God I’m old.

This is likely it for the Orioles this offseason. Their big moves: signing Davis, having Matt Wieters accept the team’s qualifying offer and signing Darren O'Day to a four-year, $31 million contract. I can’t recall if Wieters or O’Day had put-on-the-jersey press conferences, but I don’t think they did.