Orioles still hoping Chris Davis accepts their $150 million offer


Amid national reports that the Orioles are interested in Justin Upton as a “fallback” option if they fail to re-sign Chris Davis, now Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun notes that they’re “no closer in their attempt to retain” Davis and talks remain “stagnant.”

Encina goes on to say the Orioles definitely would prefer to re-sign Davis rather than use the money to sign Upton or Yoenis Cespedes, but at some point they may decide to simply move on if Davis and agent Scott Boras continue to balk at their month-old $150 million offer.

Technically the Orioles said publicly that their seven-year, $150 million offer is no longer on the table, but it sounds like that’s viewed as semantics and if Davis came to them saying he’s willing to accept it would again be “on the table.” And according to Encina they’re hesitant to go past $100 million for Upton or Cespedes, in which case they truly believe Davis is a far superior option.