Hall of Fame hat announcements: Mariners for Griffey, Mets for Piazza


At a dual press conference this afternoon Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza revealed the hats they’ll be wearing on their respective Hall of Fame plaques.

Griffey, who played 13 of his 22 seasons and hit 417 of his 630 home runs in Seattle, will be wearing a Mariners hat. He’ll be the first player to represent the Mariners in the Hall of Fame. Sadly, although many people thought it would have been fun to see Griffey’s plaque with the hat backwards, that apparently won’t be happening. Dang.

Piazza, who split his career more evenly between Los Angeles and New York, will be wearing a Mets hat. Dodgers fans may be disappointed in that decision because most of Piazza’s best seasons came in Los Angeles and that’s where he emerged as a superstar, but he also played one more season and 250 more games in New York and made it clear that he preferred to be decked out in a Mets hat.

“As much as I loved coming up with the Dodgers, and I’ll always cherish my time there, I’m going in as a New York Met,” Piazza said. “I feel like the fans [in New York] truly brought me into their family.”

Ultimately the Hall of Fame itself makes the final hat decision, but the players have input.