If you’re going to the Hall of Fame press conference on Thursday, dress appropriately

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The Hall of Fame has arbitrarily reduced the amount of time candidates can be on the ballot, has refused the request of the BBWAA to increase the 10-vote limit and continued to include the so-called “character clause” on ballots while providing no guidance to voters what it actually means.

Now, just when you think the Hall of Fame couldn’t be sillier and more priggish than it is, it issues a press release to reporters demanding that they adhere to a dress code for Thursday’s post-election press conference:

UPDATE: The dress code is apparently from the New York Athletic Club, where the press conference will be held. You can read it in its entirety here.

I’ve spent a lot of time poking fun at journalists over the years, but I will say that I have never once seen one dress inappropriately for a professional function. They aren’t always the sharpest bunch in the world — pleated Dockers and gleaming white New Balances can generally only be pulled off by aging basketball coaches — but they don’t show up to press conferences in culottes and bare midriffs and stuff. Thank GOD they don’t.

Also: who uses the word “slacks” anymore? I mean besides my mom.

Oh well. Hall of Fame is gonna Hall of Fame. They don’t trust baseball writers to vote for worthy players so they insist upon silly rules. They don’t trust them to be professionally competent in a professional setting so they issue a silly and unnecessary dress code. I suppose the sun will still come up tomorrow.

Still, I’d like to see someone challenge it. Perhaps a well-respected member of the media. Perhaps someone whose character and credentials are unimpeachable in the assessment of the Hall of Fame. Someone who could show up at the press conference in whatever the heck he wanted to wear and force the Hall of Fame back down. Who could it be . . . ?


It’s on, Class of 1990-style.