It’s not just Donald Trump! Baseball players say “schlonged” too.


The other day Donald Trump used the term “schlonged” to describe Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary. Because we now live in Insane Land, this possibly off-color/possibly Yiddish/possibly insider slang caused much more controversy than, say, Trump praising the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and his other arguably fascist policy proposals. Propose laws which would make an entire religious minority literal second class citizens? Well, I suppose that’s problematic. Say something off-color but, ultimately, of no consequence? People lose their minds.

The fun part of Trump’s comment was the walkback, in which he said that “schlonged” is a common insider political term for a serious drubbing. I suppose that’s possible, but you figure someone would’ve used it publicly before. When I heard him say that I assumed he was BS’ing. But maybe not! Because, according to the recently-retired Dan Haren, the term is used in baseball circles as well!


Oh my Yicketty, that’s fantastic. Just a mammo tweet.

In other news, I am reasonably certain this is the only time NBC is gonna let me use the term “schlonged” in a post. But this is news and it’s my mission to bring you the news.