Mariners hire the first female scout in 50 years


This happened weeks ago and was first reported during the Winter Meetings and we somehow missed it. It was formally announced yesterday and is now ricocheting through the wire services and stuff, however, and it’s certainly worth noting: the Seattle Mariners have hired Amanda Hopkins as an area scout. The Mariners believe she is the first woman hired as a full time scout by a major league club since the 1950s.

Hopkins, 22, will cover Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. She spent the past three seasons working as an intern in Seattle’s amateur scouting department and is a recent graduate of the Major League Baseball developmental program. She’s a former softball player for Central Washington University. Her father, Ron Hopkins, was a long time major league scout and scouting director.

While Hopkins may be the first female scout in decades, she has some forbearers. Most notably Edith Houghton, who scouted from 1946 until the early 1950s.

Tom McNamara, the M’s scouting director, had this to say two weeks ago when the news was first reported by

“We didn’t make a big deal out of it, and the reason we didn’t was because she fits right in. I look at her as a scout. Everybody here is excited. We’re excited because we feel we’ve hired a good scout.”

It not being a big deal to anyone is probably the best part about this.