UPDATE: TMZ retracts story regarding Yaisel Puig bar fight video

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

UPDATE: TMZ has retracted their story. It has been confirmed that the person in the video is not Puig.

1:06 p.m. ET: In a statement to HardballTalk, Yasiel Puig‘s lawyer, Jay Reisinger, has strongly denied that the person in the TMZ video is his client.

10:06 a.m. ET: CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported Friday that the Yasiel Puig bar fight might not have been as serious as initially reported. According to Heyman’s sources, Puig was asked to leave the bar after he got a little too loud trying to be peacemaker between his sister and her boyfriend. He was said to get hit in the eye while being escorted out of the bar and retaliated. Police investigated the incident and watched the video, but no arrests were made.

Thanks to TMZ, we now have what appears to be video evidence of the “fight.” I put “fight” in quotations because what we are seeing here is not much of a fight. While it’s possible the person identified as Puig was hit by someone prior to this footage, we see him landing the first blow here. Still, it’s hardly worthy of the “INSANE BAR BRAWL” headlines we saw after news of the incident first surfaced.

The initial report from TMZ back in November said that Puig got into a physical altercation with his sister prior to the fight, but police said that no shoving was alleged and that they believe the only physical altercation took place between Puig and the bouncer. MLB is currently investigating Puig under the new domestic violence policy, but it doesn’t appear that there’s much here to warrant punishment.