The Yasiel Puig bar fight may not have been as bad as it sounded

Associated Press

Before we get to this, can we all agree that we would all buy “Yasiel Puig‘s bar fight” for Sony Playstation if it were made available? Heck, I’d pre-order it and then take a week off work to play it. Anyway:

Jon Heyman reports that according to “word from someone briefed on the encounter,” the altercation at the Miami nightclub last month was started when Puig was trying to play peacemaker between his sister and her boyfriend. Heyman’s source that Puig got “a bit loud” and was asked to leave. Apparently Puig left too slowly and the bouncers got physical and one hit him in the eye. He hit back, end of story.

Obviously it’s hard to know what really happened and Puig’s people have an interest in this not being a domestic situation of any kind, but this sounds a tad less extreme than initial reports made it out to be. If Heyman’s source is correct it’s hard to see how Puig would be disciplined under MLB’s new domestic violence policy.