Remember Floyd Youmans? He’s an Uber driver now

Getty Images

Like most baseball writers, Pedro Moura of the OC Register was in Nashville for the Winter Meetings. One day he took an Uber to get to the Opryland Hotel. His driver had the same name as a phenom pitcher from the 1980s named Floyd Youmans. There’s a good reason for that. It was the former phenom pitcher from the 1980s named Floyd Youmans.

Yesterday Moura wrote his story about the chance encounter and, more broadly, about Youmans life and career trajectory since the late 1980s when Youmans looked like a star-on-the-rise in Montreal. Alcohol and health problems derailed him, sadly, and he ended up pitching only 94 games in the bigs, the last coming in 1989.

I think the most interesting part of his story, however, is when he talks about being outside the game and how it’s painful at times to not be part of the larger baseball community. It’s not a tragic story — Youmans has a happy marriage to a doctor who provides a good living for their family — but it says a lot about the need people have to be a part of a community of some form or another. And how some communities are more insular and make it harder to remain a member of than others. Baseball works that way, it seems. At least for some people.

Anyway, great story about a player most of us probably haven’t thought about in a long, long time.