Scott Boras on Nationals extending Bryce Harper: “When they have a plan, we’ll let you know”

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

From our friend Mark Zuckerman of’s Nats Insider

If the Nationals harbor any hopes of keeping Bryce Harper in D.C. long-term, the onus will be on them to initiate negotiations, agent Scott Boras said Wednesday.

“I think with each player like that, you have generational players, I think each organization is going to have its own philosophy about how they handle him and what they do,” Boras said during his annual scrum with reporters at this week’s Winter Meetings in Nashville. “So that’s really something I’m sure the brain trust of the Nationals have to sit down and look at. And when they have a plan, we’ll let you know.”

In other words, Boras won’t be doing any pitching to the Nationals’ braintrust.

Harper isn’t due to hit free agency until after the 2018 season, so there’s no real rush to get something done this winter. But it’s a pretty safe bet that his price will rise as the years tick by.

The 23-year-old superstar outfielder earned National League MVP honors in 2015 after batting .330/.460/.649 with 42 home runs, 99 RBI, and 118 runs scored in 153 games.

Could we be looking at a $500 million commitment when all is said and done?