Video: Barry Bonds is particularly well-suited to coach Ichiro in Miami


Say what you will about Barry Bonds — and there’s a lot to say for bad and for good — but the real question presented by his hiring by the Miami Marlins is whether or not he’s going to be worth a diddly durn as a coach. And we really won’t know until he gets into Marlins camp and guys either start responding to his instruction or, well, don’t.

But we do know that he may have particular insight into one of his charges. Veteran Ichiro Suzuki is still on the Marlins and Barry Bonds, perhaps more than anyone, is familiar with his approach.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video — supplied by regular commenter Ren — and watch Bonds’ mastery of Japanese baseball. Particularly at the 2:15 mark, when he decides to handle the challenge placed before him by going Full Ichiro:


In other news, after watching that video I have some ideas about how to draw new fans into the game. I’ll be writing an email to Rob Manfred and various trampoline companies if anyone needs me.