The Padres have new uniforms, will be wearing the brown on Fridays


There has been buzz about the San Diego Padres getting new uniforms lately. Yesterday the Padres ended it buy dropping the news: they are getting a uniform makeover.

Sort of a three-part makeover, actually, with (a) subtle additions of yellow and blue to the regular home uniforms; (b) the adoption of old-style brown uniforms with the yellow and brown caps for Friday home games; and (c) the switch to a Navy digital camouflage jersey for their home Sunday games and, presumably, a dropping of the old desert camo look.

Here are examples of them all:

I am long on record of preferring some update on the old brown/mustard variations of the past, so the Friday alternate is nice. Still, seems like a half-measure. They should go to it full-time. And, of course, it appears as though it’ll only be a solid alternate-style brown, not a classic white uniform with brown accents, which could’ve been amazing. Maybe it’s a baby step.

The yellow additions to the regular uniform may only last a year, as they are described as commemorating the 2016 All-Star Game, which takes place in San Diego. A one-year placeholder until they go full-brown in 2017? That’d be nice.

Finally, I get why they do camo all the time in San Diego, but I also think it’s a bad look for a baseball team. Both from an abstract aesthetic perspective and from the perspective of it being weird for athletes to, in a way, dress up like soldiers or sailors. I realize, though, that my complaining about is neither a popular position nor one that is going to make any difference.

Overall, though: eliminating the boring blue and white home uniform is a step in the right direction.