Gabe Kapler could be joining the Dodgers coaching staff


Gabe Kapler was the initial frontrunner for the Dodgers managerial gig, but after Dave Roberts knocked the interview out of the park Andrew Friedman and Dodgers ownership went with the former Padres coach.

Kapler, however, may still be changing jobs in the Dodgers organization. Ken Rosenthal reports that Kapler is expected to be part of Roberts’ coaching staff. It’s not clear in what capacity he would serve.

I wonder if, as was the case when Kapler was a managerial candidate, some detractors will claim that he, somehow, is not a “baseball man” and, rather, is merely close with the front office and beholden to modern metrics and new-age thinking and all of that. Which, as I noted at the time, was a silly criticism for a veteran of more than a decade in the bigs and a guy who actually managed for a season in the minors.

I’d like to think that won’t happen, but once we start casting players and coaches and front office people in a certain light to fit our preferred narratives it’s awful hard to stop.