Al Alburquerque non-tendered by the Tigers


The Tigers bullpen has been a hot mess for years. At times one of the few somewhat reliable guys down there has been Al Alburquerque, but really only on occasion. And in some ways relievers are like parachutes: if they work most of the time, but fail some of the time, they really don’t make you feel too great.

And, to be honest, the Tigers would probably even settle for “most of the time” with Alburquerque as long as he was cheap. He’s arbitration-eligible, however, and he’ll probably get a raise heftier than the Tigers would prefer to pay. As such, the Tigers just non-tendered him.

Alburquerque made $1.725 million this past season while posting a 4.21 ERA and 58/33 K/BB ratio over 62 innings. Without an inflated arbitration award in the offing, he’ll likely get looks from many teams and won’t be unemployed for long.