There’s a rumor that the Braves will be sold


Don’t tease me like this, Marietta Daily Journal. Please do not tease me like this:

THE RUMORS have resurfaced. Might the Atlanta Braves be close to a change in ownership?  Recent back-fence talk describes the same scenario that circulated a couple years ago — current owner Liberty Media selling to an Internet mogul with strong ties to Cobb County.

Normally you’d dismiss a blind item like this out of hand, but this is the same business gossip column which first reported that the Braves were going to move to get a new ballpark and move from Atlanta to Cobb County a couple of years ago. Absolutely no one saw that coming either.

If the Braves were sold it would likely be a function of Liberty Media realizing that between a new ballpark coming and a minuscule team payroll the Braves are never going to look healthier from a financial point of view. That there are no more udders left to milk. It will have been unfortunate that, in order to do it, they saw fit to decimate the roster first, but if it means that people who actually give a crap about owning a baseball team took over it will have probably been worth it.