The Dodgers have expressed interest in Aroldis Chapman


This morning I saw a tweet about how “desirable” the Dodgers manager job is, noting that it’s great as long as you’re cool with a team that has one ace, one decent reliever, four platoon outfielders, no second baseman a huge payroll and sky-high expectations. I realize that the offseason is young and that the club will make moves, but there’s a core of truth to that and I laughed.

One of those problems would definitely be fixed if what Jon Heyman says has some legs: he reports that the Dodgers have expressed interest in Reds closer Aroldis Chapman.

Chapman, of course, is the most dominant reliever in the sport, having struck out 546 dudes in 319 career innings. If you paired him with Kenley Jansen, that’d be some Kansas City Royals-style late inning dominance. It’d also be a nice “welcome aboard” present for new manager Dave Roberts.