Alex Anthopoulos being courted by the Arizona . . . Coyotes?

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Alex Anthopoulos’ departure from the Toronto Blue Jays was quick and unexpected. The sort of job-leaving that, one would think, would make it difficult for him to find a new position really quickly. Not because there’s anything wrong with Anthopoulos, but because taking on a top front office person tends to be a think that is long planned-for and which takes some time. To the extent a guy like him does find a quick position it’s as a “special advisor” or some kind, sort of like how Jerry Dipoto was hired by the Red Sox in an interim position.

Another possibility? Just going to a whole other sports. From Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun:

Two sources have now confirmed that the Arizona Coyotes have reached out to the former general manager of the Blue Jays, with the hopes he would consider a senior position or a consulting position with the National Hockey League team.

It’s just one of many calls, Simmons says. But it’s definitely one of the more unconventional gigs for a former baseball GM.