Jose Fernandez and the Marlins reportedly hate each other


The other day there were reports that the Marlins might trade Jose Fernandez this offseason. They were quickly walked back by team officials. This story, however — which appears to fill out some of the factual details which led to those initial rumors — paints a picture of a toxic and chaotic relationship between Fernandez and the Marlins.

The story, pieced together from multiple reports from Andy Slater of 940-AM WINZ in Miami, says that Fernandez made multiple trade demands to team brass this past season. Moreover:

In a separate report, team sources told Slater that Fernandez has a tendency to be “selfish” at times and “talks to management like they are children.”

“There were times this season where, not all, but some players and coaches hoped Jose would go out on the mound and get shelled,” a player source reportedly told Slater. “We thought it would get him to be more humble.”

Earlier today we learned that the Marlins apparently want to move Marcel Ozuna because he’s a pain in the butt. While their official line at the moment is that Jose Fernandez is not on the block, one wonders if the club wants to be rid of more than just Ozuna.


Rays moving spring camp due to damage caused by hurricane

Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – The Tampa Bay Rays are relocating their spring base for 2023 due to extensive damage to team training facilities caused by Hurricane Ian.

The Rays have trained since 2009 in Port Charlotte, Florida, about 90 minutes south of St. Petersburg, and intend to explore several options before making a decision on where to hold spring training and play Grapefruit League games when camp opens.

The team and Charlotte County released a joint statement Thursday, saying damage to Charlotte Sports Park in Port Charlotte can’t be repaired in time to host games this winter.

“Charlotte County supports the Rays efforts to secure alternative accommodations for 2023 spring training,” the statement said.

“We are all disappointed for the residents of Charlotte County and the fans there. The community is in the thoughts and hearts of the Rays, and the team will continue to support recovery efforts,” the statement added. “The Rays and Charlotte County intend to develop a restoration plan for Charlotte Sports Park in the coming weeks.”