Alex Rodriguez is no longer a legal fees deadbeat


Back in 2014, as Alex Rodriguez was entering his year-long exile, reports surfaced that he was in a dispute with the legal team which led his ill-advised offensive against Major League Baseball and the MLBPA the previous year. He had not paid, it was reported, and threats were made of imminent collection lawsuits.

At the time I observed that it’s not terribly uncommon for there to be legal fees disputes, non-payment and, sometimes, even lawsuits in big, high-profile representations which end unsuccessfully. Indeed, it’s pretty darn common actually. Such disputes tend not to go very far, however. At least not as far as discovery. Why? Because even when clients don’t want to pay their bill, they really don’t like to be sued by their lawyers because it usually breaks the attorney-client privilege. For their part, lawyers don’t like to sue their clients because (a) it opens them up to malpractice counterclaims; and (b) suing your clients is a REALLY bad way of advertising for future clients. These things usually settle before the first deposition is scheduled.

And this one has too. From SNY:

A lawyer says his firm has settled its lawsuit accusing New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez of failing to pay legal bills stemming from the Biogenesis scandal.

Peter Siachos of Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani said Thursday the suit was settled “amicably” this month. He declined to disclose the terms.

Usually the terms are “we’ll cut the bill because we know you hated the outcome and you’ll pay us now because you owe us our dang fees.”

A-Rod just had a good season. He is no longer hated. He is no longer at war with his team. He is no longer a legal fees deadbeat. Heck, he’s one new rug and an apology to Cousin Yuri away from having settled all of his old sordid business. What a difference a year or two makes.