Ex-MLBer Russell Branyan arrested for breaking into his ex-wife’s house


Via Deadspin we learn that ex-MLB player Russell Branyan was arrested recently for breaking into his ex-wife’s house in Tennessee while she was sleeping. He stole a number of items from the house and turned the thermostat way down to make it super cold in the house.

While the thermostat part sounds rather prankish, this whole episode is pretty disturbing, especially in light of the fact that in 2008, while he was still married to her, he was arrested on domestic violence for striking her in the face and cutting her lip. Aggressions, major or minor, can escalate quickly in a domestic situation, and that’s even if you ignore the fact that he broke in to her house.

Branyan has been out of baseball for a couple of years now. It sounds like he needs to be removed from his current environment in some way or another as well.