Kevin Pillar responds to some criticism on Twitter

AP Photo/LM Otero

On Twitter, Blue Jays radio play-by-play man Mike Wilner was discussing potential lineup configurations. A fan wondered why Pillar wasn’t a viable leadoff candidate. Wilner said that outfielder Kevin Pillar wasn’t one of the Blue Jays’ best hitters. Pillar responded:

Wilner retorted, saying he would rank Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Troy Tulowitzki ahead of Pillar.

One could even throw Russell Martin on Wilner’s list, as well. Pillar hit .278/.314/.399 during the regular season. The batting average ranked fourth of nine Jays with at least 300 plate appearances, but the on-base percentage was eighth of nine and the slugging percentage was seventh of nine. Going by adjusted OPS, which accounts for league and park factors and sets 100 as the average, Pillar’s 96 was a few ticks below average and fell behind many of his teammates, including the aforementioned five as well as Chris Colabello, Justin Smoak, Ben Revere, Devon Travis, and Danny Valencia (the latter three did not meet the 300 PA threshold).

Wilner makes a good point, and it’s Pillar’s subpar on-base percentage in particular that makes him a poor fit atop the Blue Jays’ lineup.