Aroldis Chapman could be traded by this weekend


In the past several years top free agent relief pitchers who have signed earlier have tended to do better in the market than those who wait. Which suggests that, this year, top relief pitchers will try to sign early as well. Indeed, we’ve heard more rumors about Darren O'Day and Joakim Soria so far than most other players.

The Reds have a top relief pitcher they’d like to trade in Aroldis Chapman. And, given that relief pitcher free agent dynamic, they’d have more potential suitors for him if they act sooner rather than later. And Peter Gammons hears that sooner is definitely in the cards:

Chapman is the most dominant reliever in the game, having struck out 546 batters in 319 career innings. Expect his price to be high.

Dustin Pedroia suffers a “significant setback” in his recovery

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Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe reports that Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has suffered “a significant setback” with his left knee, making his availability for spring training questionable. Abraham says that Pedroia is “discussing his options with his family, agents, and the Sox.”

Pedroia underwent “knee joint preservation” surgery last year, which is often used as an alternative to full knee replacement. As it was, he played in only three games in 2018 and appeared in just six games in 2019, accruing just three hits in 34 plate appearances.

In light of the severity of his injury, the severity of his surgery and all of the time he’s missed over the past few years, it was already something of a long shot for Pedroia play again as it was. Indeed, he himself was not even sure if he’d play again when asked at one point last season. But this sounds positively dire.