Scott Boras says the Mets had a great plan for Matt Harvey all along


Scott Boras just made his appearance at the General Manager meetings down in Florida. As he always does, he walked the hall, had the press gather around him and dispensed his wisdom about the current state of baseball and news which affects his clients.

One of his clients: Matt Harvey. Who you will recall was the subject of a little dustup between Boras and the Mets late in the season as the two sides argued publicly about how manny innings Harvey should pitch a year removed from Tommy John surgery.

Oh, about that:


I guess the plan looks a lot better now than it did back on September 4, when this was reported:

Meantime, Alderson, who sounded exasperated by the whole debate, suggested he was floored when he received an email from Boras late last month setting what he saw as a new limit when he said the team has proceeded cautiously in terms of pitch limits (he’s had no games over 115 pitches and only went over 110 pitches once) and everything has been going so smoothly. “For a guy to say to us on the 29th of August ‘180 innings and then you’re going to shut him down …’ don’t call me seven months later and tell me you’re pulling the rug out from under me, not after all we’ve done to protect the player.”

Matt Harvey seemed to have a change of heart about all of this, of course. Indeed, by the end of the World Series he literally demanded that he be allowed to pitch until he couldn’t pitch anymore. One suspects that he had a conversation with his agent too and told him to get on board with the Mets, at least publicly. Which is probably the right thing to do.

UPDATE: OK, maybe he wasn’t OK with the Mets’ plan “all along.” But he got on board with their new plan after everyone got all angry in late August: