The Royals extend qualifying offer to Alex Gordon, pick up and decline several options


The Kansas City Royals are probably just now sobering up from their victory parade. It was great fun, I’m sure, but now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. And they just did: They just announced that they’ve picked up options on Alcides Escobar and Wade Davis, while declining their option on Jonny Gomes. They also announced that they will extend a qualifying offer to Jonny Gomes.

None of these moves are remotely surprising. Gordon’s option would’ve been $13.75 million, he obviously wants more than that if he opted out and the qualifying offer right now is around $15.8 million, so extending one is a no-brainer. Likewise Escobar and Davis’ options —  $5.25 million and $8 million, respectively — are so low for the value they receive from those players that it’s, like, a no-brainer times ten to pick them up.

As for Gomes: now he goes and roams the Earth, looking for another team. A place where, next spring, he’ll be talked about as a savior and clubhouse leader and next fall he’ll probably be at another World Series parade because that’s just sort of how Jonny Gomes rolls at this point.