Baseball was, indirectly, on several ballots last night


Off-year elections are more than just a chance for you to get into a voting booth, realize you don’t know anything about the candidates for your local school board, city council and municipal court and to vote based on whose name sounds the coolest. I mean, yes, I voted for a guy named “Justman” yesterday because that’s a pretty great public service name, but that’s not the entire point of election day. It’s merely an ancillary benefit.

No, the real good stuff in off-year elections are the ballot initiatives. Here in Ohio we had one that would have legalized marijuana. Well, sorta. It was complicated as it was more aimed at giving a small handful of select, politically-connected businesses a monopoly on weed production and distribution, but as is the case with baseball, I suppose the best way to ensure the success of capitalism is to establish state-granted monopolies which allow for no competition whatsoever.

Speaking of baseball, there were a handful of items on ballots across the country which impacted the National Pastime yesterday. Over at Baseballot Nathaniel Rakich breaks down the initiatives and the results.

Short version: the Rays owners got some potential allies on the St. Pete City Council, the Giants were given an OK to go into the real estate business, Texas said OK to some gambling at the ballpark and Lance Berkman’s wife and daughters are now, thankfully, safe from a threat that, while 100% imaginary, has now been neutralized via turning a class of people into second-class citizens.

God Bless America.