The Giants had pizza delivered to the Royals’ front office

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

The Royals wrapped up their first World Series championship since 1985 with an extra-inning victory over the Mets last night. In a neat gesture, last year’s World Series champions sent a surprise to the Royals’ front office today. It came in the form of pizza.

Here’s the story from Minsky’s Pizza in Kansas City:

“The San Francisco Giants just called – and they want to send 25 pizzas to Kauffman Stadium for the Royals and their staff,” said Kenny Kantner, Manager and Partner for Minsky’s at 51st and Main. It was a pretty exciting moment – especially when the Giants wanted to include this note: ‘Have fun planning the parade – and enjoy the ride!’”

After last year’s close final game, it was quite the classy move from the Giants, the Royals 2014 World Series adversary (and eventual world champions).

Within an hour after the call, Minsky’s steaming hot pizzas were on their way to Kauffman Stadium! Some lucky Royals staff members who were busy planning the parade were first to enjoy KC’s best pizzas while they waited for the Royals to arrive home.

One staffer summed it up pretty well: “Today has been nuts and you all are LIFE SAVERS!”

Minsky’s is glad to be a part of the celebration. Welcome back to KC, Royals!

The Giants also sent this official congratulations on the team Twitter account:

Good on you, Giants. According to Andrew Baggarly of the Bay Area News Group, the trend started with the Red Sox last year. My only question is, what the heck took so long for this to be a thing? Pizza is great and World Series pizza parties are even better. Hopefully the Royals keep it going. You know, assuming they don’t repeat.