Edinson Volquez did not know that his father had died until after he left the game


This evening, just as Game 1 of the World Series was getting underway, the world learned that the father of Royals starter Edinson Volquez died shortly before game time. Edinson Volquez, however, did not. He was told by family members after he left the game in the sixth inning.

While there were conflicting reports about Volquez’s knowledge — specifically, ESPN reported that Volquez was called by family while he was on his way to the stadium — after the game tonight it was revealed that he did not, in fact, know:

I presume there will be some attempt at a discussion in some quarters about whether it was right not to tell Volquez that his father died. I further presume that there will be an attempt by some to fashion this into some sort of drama which reflects on his pitching performance or his character in some way or the other.

I hope I’m wrong about that. A man lost his father today. The baseball stuff and our opinions of how and when this news reached him is pretty unimportant in comparison.