Juan Uribe makes the Mets World Series roster


KANSAS CITY — Here’s a surprise: Juan Uribe has made the Mets’ World Series roster.

Uribe has been sidelined since late September due to cartilage damage in his chest. He was replaced on the roster in the first two rounds of the playoffs by Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Nieuwenhuis stays, however, and instead infielder Matt Reynolds is off. You can see the entire Mets roster here. One question is who in the heck plays shortstop if something happens to Wilmer Flores, but it’s not like they were using Reynolds anyway. Uribe hasn’t played short since 2012. Kelly Johnson has played one game at short in his career — this year, actually — but he’s the DH.

If the Mets win Uribe would get a ring even if he didn’t play, one presumes. But now he’ll get a chance to earn one — which would be his third overall — with his boots on.