Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris reveals that he has thyroid cancer


Tigers left-hander Daniel Norris announced via Instagram that he was diagnosed with a malignant growth in his thyroid several months ago and will require surgery, writing in part:

A few months ago, after I was optioned to AAA, I found out I had a growth on my thyroid. Flying back & forth from Toronto to Buffalo after pitching to have more and more tests done it was finally concluded that the growth is considered malignant.. Meaning it contained the C word.. cancer. Hearing this was alarming, yea. Weird, yea, that too. I was given the option to shut my year down & get it removed immediately. However, seeing another doctor that determined I could wait until the end of the season reassured my gut feeling. Just Keep Playing. Baseball kept me sane.

As our own Matthew Pouliot notes, there are a pair of cancer survivors currently playing in the LCS in Cubs left-hander Jon Lester and first baseman Anthony Rizzo, so hopefully Norris can follow a similar path in getting healthy and continuing his baseball career.

Norris was Toronto’s second-round draft pick in 2011 and came to the Detroit in the July trade for David Price (general manager Al Avila says the Tigers knew of Norris’ diagnosis at the time). He ranked as a consensus top-25 prospect going into the season and fared well as a 22-year-old rookie, logging 60 innings with a 3.75 ERA in 13 starts.

You can read his fill Instagram post here.