Major League Baseball to produce its first scripted mini-series


Major League Baseball already produces a lot of TV. For example, there are baseball games. And its own network is a great place to go for highlights, studio shows and, if you’re into being screamed at nearly incoherently, Chris Russo. But now the league is dipping its toe into a scripted baseball production with a Babe Ruth miniseries.

The details are over at The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that the miniseries will be helmed by “The Sopranos'” Allen Coulter attached as director and executive producer. What he can bring to Babe Ruth’s story that hasn’t already been covered by multiple Babe Ruth movies in the past isn’t terribly clear, but maybe the miniseries format will do the Sultan of Swat better service than a mostly lackluster crop of movies has done.

My thinking: Babe lived a big life. It’s hard to squeeze that into a two hour movie without making him something of a caricature. If you have many more hours, maybe they’ll do a better job of making a human being out of him.