The Nationals dismiss their entire training staff


James Wagner of the Washington Post reports that the Nationals have dismissed their entire training staff: head athletic trainer Lee Kuntz, assistant trainer Steve Gober and strength and conditioning coach John Philbin were all told they weren’t coming back.

The Nationals had a lot of injuries. Some of them were not a matter of poor medical or training, such as Jayson Werth‘s wrist was broken by a flying baseball, for example. And a year in which Bryce Harper was healthy seems like something of a miracle given all of the stuff that has befallen him in the past. But as Wagner notes, some Nats injuries such as those to Stephen Strasburg and Denard Span may have come from being rushed back too soon.

How much of that is on the training staff is hard to know from the outside looking in. But given that the entire coaching staff was shown the door, it’s not terribly surprising that the other changes are being made as well.