Tal’s Hill will live in Minute Maid Park for at least one more year


Earlier this year the Astros announced a center field renovation plan that would entail the removal of Tal’s Hill, the weird incline/embankment of grass between the warning track and the wall in Minute Maid Park. That plan has been out on hold, however. Not necessarily because of any change of heart about the renovation, but because the Astros’ season lasted longer than anyone figured it would.

The Astros just issued a press release saying the project is off for the year because they couldn’t guarantee completion of the renovations in time for next season. In part because making the playoffs made committing to a construction schedule uncertain.

Here’s hoping that they keep to the plan for next year and get rid of that dumb hill. Just say no to forced, architecturally unnecessary quirks!  And while they’re at it, get rid of that train in the outfield too. It’s the Astros, dammit. An organization that, one point, was all about futurism and stuff, aesthetically speaking. There should be rocket ships and stuff up there. Or maybe a space elevator.