Salvador Perez “lost track of how many times he threw up and the diarrhea was worse”


Kansas City catcher Salvador Perez started all five games of the ALDS, hitting .286 with two homers and a 1.159 OPS to play a big role in the Royals beating the Astros and moving onto the ALCS.

And it turns out he was doing all that while very sick, as Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star describes in … well, lots of detail:

The worst came the night after Game 1. He thinks it was something he ate, though he can’t be sure. Whatever it was, his body reacted wickedly. He lost track of how many times he threw up, and the diarrhea was worse. His stomach turned so much and he had to run to the toilet so often that he could not fall asleep until 7 in the morning.

Perez arrived at the ballpark later than he was supposed to before Game 2 the next afternoon, by all accounts looked absolutely miserable, and skipped batting practice. Backup catcher Drew Butera told Mellinger that he was preparing to play, but Perez was behind the plate as usual and went 2-for-3 with a homer and a bases-loaded walk in one of his best games.

And now, finally, Perez “said he feels over the sickness and that there were no lingering effects.”