Curt Schilling is still Curt Schilling-ing


You’d think a guy who got smacked down by his employer for making controversial and politically-charged tweets on social media would cool it on social media for a while. But it’s Curt Schilling here, and no one is gonna tell Curt Schilling what to do.

During last night’s Democratic debate, Donald Tump was live-Tweeting the proceedings because, hey, this is where we are in 2015. He did an OK job of live-Tweeting, actually, adding to my suspicion that he’s really just acting like a psychopath in the campaign for the yuks and, in reality, is going to be quite content to go back to being just a moderately loudmouthed BusinessTainment person soon. Time will tell.

At one point, Trump asked for people’s opinion about who was winning the debate. Hillary? Bernie? Webb? Those other two dudes who, God love ’em, ain’t gonna be around come February? Schilling weighed in:


Per that stuff about the anti-Chase Utley signs at Citi Field yesterday, I’m going to rule that this, likewise, is in the realm of actually somewhat darkly funny comedy. Sure, the person with the signs didn’t actually believe that Utley supports ISIS and Schilling probably believes what he’s saying here, but that’s not a big deal. The net effect of it all is a laugh, so that distinction is not really important.

But one does wonder how ESPN feels about Schilling continuing to beat his drum like this. And, for that matter, whether Schilling doing so is itself a way of challenging them to do something about him like, say, making him some sort of free speech martyr who will command handsome speaking fees at the sorts of meetups where people who think your employer being displeased at you for something you say is an actual violation of your First Amendment rights.

For now, though, ESPN is not commenting. They’re probably too busy moving the “Jessica Mendoza: Sunday Night Baseball” graphics from the “temporary” directory to the “permanent” directory.