Sal Perez was in a car accident last night, hit a homer today


Sal Perez has had an eventful 18 hours or so.

Jesse Sanchez of reports that, after he and the Royals lost Game 3 of the ALDS yesterday, Perez was in an Uber on his way to a Venezuelan food truck in Houston. There was a fender bender en route. Everyone was OK and, while the occupants of the other vehicle were mad — it appears to have been the Uber driver’s fault — they chilled out when they saw it was a ballplayer. Fame has its benefits.

Flash forward to ten minutes ago and Perez hits a two-run homer to give the Royals a 2-0 lead in Game 4.

The homer came moments after Perez hit a foul ball into the stands that, reportedly, hit a small child. It’s the sort of thing that often unnerves hitters and Perez was visibly rattled after hitting the foul ball.¬†Updates on the child if we hear anything.

Just now Carlos Gomez hit a homer to lead off the bottom of the second, so it’s 2-1.