Sal Perez was in a car accident last night, hit a homer today


Sal Perez has had an eventful 18 hours or so.

Jesse Sanchez of reports that, after he and the Royals lost Game 3 of the ALDS yesterday, Perez was in an Uber on his way to a Venezuelan food truck in Houston. There was a fender bender en route. Everyone was OK and, while the occupants of the other vehicle were mad — it appears to have been the Uber driver’s fault — they chilled out when they saw it was a ballplayer. Fame has its benefits.

Flash forward to ten minutes ago and Perez hits a two-run homer to give the Royals a 2-0 lead in Game 4.

The homer came moments after Perez hit a foul ball into the stands that, reportedly, hit a small child. It’s the sort of thing that often unnerves hitters and Perez was visibly rattled after hitting the foul ball. Updates on the child if we hear anything.

Just now Carlos Gomez hit a homer to lead off the bottom of the second, so it’s 2-1.