Someone stole Bronson Arroyo’s yacht and sold it


Yacht theft: it can happen to anyone.

Wait, that’s not true. But it did happen to Bronson Arroyo, who entrusted a childhood friend to be his yacht caretaker. Said caretaker was fired because he was not reliable and was basically cast out of Arroyo’s circle. Somehow, however, the caretaker got hold of the yacht anyway, stole it, forged Arroyo’s signature on a bill of sale and pocketed $22,000 for it.

The yacht was actually worth $167,000, but when you’re selling stolen property you take what you can get I suppose. Also, give the thief some points for style, as he claimed that the yacht had actually sunk.

In other news, if you haven’t seen the YouTube series “Yacht Rock,” you probably should. I feel like Bronson Arroyo — a laid back dude who likes to play guitar — would fit in with all of that nicely: