Re-setting the American League’s second Wild Card race


It’s time to check back in on the American League’s second Wild Card race, which is basically the only playoff spot up for grabs in either league.

There’s still a slim chance that the Rangers could self-destruct and go from winning the AL West division to grabbing the second Wild Card spot, but short of that happening it’s a three-team race among the Astros, Angels, and Twins.

Yesterday the Twins split a doubleheader with the Indians, the Angels lost to an AL-worst A’s team that started Barry Zito in his career sendoff, and the Astros escaped Seattle with a win against the Mariners.


Astros: 84-75, — GB
Angels: 83-75, 0.5 GB
Twins: 82-76, 1.5 GB

Here’s where FanGraphs sees the current Wild Card odds with four days to go in the regular season:

Astros – 65%
Angels – 25%
Twins – 4%

That leaves 6% remaining, which belongs to the Rangers in case they tumble out of the division lead. And that’s still possible because the Rangers finish the season with a four-game series versus the Angels, in Texas.

Here are the remaining schedules:

Astros: 3 at Diamondbacks
Angels: 4 at Rangers
Twins: 1 at Indians, 3 vs Royals

They’re all fighting for a chance to play the Wild Card game against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, the winner of which goes on to play the AL-best Blue Jays or Royals in the ALDS.