Video: Yankees fan blows THREE chances to get a foul ball


Any of us could miss a foul ball hit in our direction. We’re not athletes. Most of us don’t bring gloves to the game. It happens. Especially when one of them requires an awkward over-the-shoulder, back-to-the-field catch. That’s Willie Mays stuff and most of us would miss it.

Maybe most of us would even miss two chances to get a foul ball, even if the second one was a slow bouncer. Again: it’s not as easy to field a baseball as it looks! Most of us are hopeless desk jockeys whose greatest feat of manual dexterity each day is popping the foil thingy off a can of Pringles. We’re limited as a species and baseball players are far, far more talented than us at such things.

But three? When the third one is THE BALL BOY TOSSING YOU A BALL OUT OF PITY?! C’mon, get outta here with that weak sauce, dude.

[mlbvideo id=”508346983″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]