Tropical Storm Joaquin could mess with baseball this weekend


Baseball’s last week always brings uncertainties and the possibility of multi-way ties and tiebreakers that could mess with the schedule like nobody’s business. Now let’s throw some weather into the mix!

There is a cold front coming through in the next couple of days  which could possibly bring several inches of rain if it stalls out just so, like some forecasters think it might. Then moisture from Tropical Storm Joaquin in the western Atlantic is forecast to creep up the coast over the weekend. That’s setting up the possibility of some pretty high-probability, pretty heavy rain.

Among the series with either playoff or playoff seeding implications that could be affected both mid-week and through the weekend: Toronto at Baltimore, the Mets in Philadelphia, the Red Sox in the Bronx, the Yankees in Baltimore, the Nationals versus the Mets, and the Cardinals in Atlanta. The current characterization from The Weather Channel:

The latest forecast guidance suggests the highest chance of heavy rain and attendant flooding late this week through the weekend is in a swath from eastern New York and northern New Jersey into New England . . . Depending on how this weather pattern unfolds, the strong winds could impact coastal areas of the Northeast and especially the immediate offshore waters . . . The winds could contribute to high surf, beach erosion and possible coastal flooding in some locations along the Northeast and possibly the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Obviously forecasting the weather is uncertain business, but fans should keep their umbrellas handy and MLB schedulers should keep a big old bottle of antacids and anti-anxiety medication on their desks.