The Reds may bring back Bryan Price


The Reds have had a disappointing season and Bryan Price has taken no small amount of criticism for it. It’s not all his fault of course — the Reds are not a well-built team — but he likewise hasn’t been an anchor of stability, most notably when he went on that profane tirade at a reporter back in April.

Not too long ago there were rumors swirling that Barry Larkin had been contacting old teammates to see if they’d coach with him if he were named manager. That’s not the sort of thing one does unless someone connected with the team at least puts the feelers out there, suggesting that Price is a dead man walking.

Ken Rosenthal reports, however, that there’s still a chance he stays:

The team is considering retaining Price and making changes to his coaching staff, but no decisions will be made until the season is over, according to major-league sources.

The rationale for the Reds keeping Price would be similar to the Tigers’ logic for keeping Ausmus – that the manager should not be held responsible for injuries and trades that compromised the club.

I dunno. Every club has injuries. The Tigers, to use the comp Rosenthal uses, had an injury to Miguel Cabrera of all people, which is more serious than any injury the Reds have had. And while the trades are out of a manager’s control, the Tigers let their GM go who was responsible for them. The guy running the Reds’ show, Walt Jocketty, is still on the job, suggesting that ownership doesn’t blame him for what’s gone down with the Reds.

As Rosenthal says, the decision will be made after the season. But it would be pretty surprising to see Price manage the club next year.