David Ortiz: “I earned my [expletive]”


Rob Bradford of WEEI notes that yesterday David Ortiz made his 600th plate appearance of the season. Per the terms of his contract, that maximizes his vesting option for 2015.

It had already been triggered with a lower number of plate appearances and his physical condition, but that was just for $10 million. There were escalators in place for various plate appearances thresholds after that, however, going up to $11 million at 425, $12 million at 475, $13 million at 500, $14 million for 525, $15 million for 575 and now $16 million.

An interesting contract structure to be sure, but one which suits an aging player. And one which Ortiz takes pride in maxing out:

“I earned my [expletive] . . . When I signed my last contract I wanted the team to be happy. But the most important thing was that for all the people who talked [expletive] about me talking about a contract, I wanted them to shut the hell up, too. I did something so I could earn it,” he said. “Some people say the team always gives me things and I don’€™t earn it. I’€™ve heard people say I sound greedy when I talk about contracts. But it’€™s not greedy, it’€™s just the way it is.”

Ortiz did get a lot of crap for positions he took in previous contract talks. But he’s pretty open and honest about it being about the money. Owners certainly think that way about the decisions they make regarding players and their contracts and no one ever says boo to them. While it may be surprising to hear a player say that too, he ain’t wrong.